Why a Journey to Style?

What you wear can change your life
Trinny & Susannah

If you're anything like my friends and family, the first thing you're going to ask when I tell you about my Journey to Style project is, 'Why?'

So here, in a nutshell, is the answer:
I'm a grown woman, married with kids, my own small business, and skills and competences in diverse areas... But when it comes to getting dressed in the mornings, I still don't have a clue.

The fact is that despite all the time and energy I've expended over the years on thinking about clothes, appraising fashions and trends, and dreaming about future acquisitions... I've never figured out how to get clothes to work for me.

In other words:
  • I live in jeans (and not always flattering or well-fitting ones), T-shirts and sweaters
  • Anything but this standard 'jeans and T-shirt' uniform is potentially scary
  • Getting ready for any kind of formal or 'special' event is a challenge - and not in a good way!
  • I 'make do' with how I look on an almost daily basis
  • I have a fair number of clothes, but wear very few of them
  • I have little idea what suits me - and what doesn't
  • I'm not confident in combining things to create outfits
  • 'Accessorising' is a bit of a mystery
  • I'm completely clueless about make up, skincare, hair care and keeping in shape
  • I have children whose wardrobes are tidy and organised, whose clothing is well coordinated, the right size and in flattering colours. As a result they dress far better than I do.

Well, I've had enough of all this.
I am determined to do something about it!

But aren't there loads of celebrity style books, 'what to wear' manuals, fashion websites and personal stylists out there to help, I hear you ask?
Why not just read a book, follow a blog, book an appointment... and get yourself sorted out?
Why does it involve creating a website?

Very good questions! And that's exactly what I thought when I decided to do something about my dysfunctional relationship with how I look.
But as I've started to read style books and magazines, follow blogs and search the Internet for style advice I've found something surprising: I can't easily find the information I want. In fact, there's very little helpful, constructive information out there for someone like me: clothes-loving but clueless, with a liking for practicality, and most certainly no longer in her teens or 20s.

The advice, such as it is, that I've managed to glean so far has been sparse, simplistic stuff. And generally it's written by fashion journalists writing to order, or celebrities with huge budgets, impossibly glamorous lives and a team of stylists at hand.

So what are the options for someone like me - slipping slowly (but undeniably) into middle age, and STILL having little idea how to dress, how to make looking good a stress-free and even fun part of life?
Surely I can't be the only woman eager for this kind of down-to-earth advice? Advice that is free from tired media clichés, 'one size fits all' solutions, designer labels (although a girl can dream!), 'must haves', style 'rules', and that bossy fashionista tone?

The solution, I've decided, is to come up with my own answers and figure out my own path.
And so here I am embarking on a 'journey to style' - a quest to find ideas and inspiration, strategies and solutions for real women who want to look real good.

You are of course most welcome to come with me every step of the way.
I'll be delighted if you do!

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