Ten things about me

Warning: non-style related!

The first thing I do every morning is make myself a cup of tea. I love all kinds of tea - jasmine tea, herbal teas, Japanese tea, Rooibos tea, vanilla tea, but especially Twinings English Breakfast blend - a little milk, no sugar please!

2. I would really like to have the time to learn to knit, to sew and to do all sorts of crafty things. Perhaps when this website is done, the kids are grown, and I've written that novel...

3. I'm a terrible procrastinator and a bit of a perfectionist. I try to keep in mind this quote from the book Eat That Frog:
"An average plan vigorously executed is far better than a brilliant plan on which nothing is done. For you to achieve any kind of success, execution is everything."
Certainly that's the approach I'm taking with this website!

4. I think rabbits are the cutest, most adorable animals. I think mice are nice too:-)

5. I absolutely love to travel. Fortunately so do my husband and kids. Our greatest discovery is that wherever we go, the world is a far friendlier and more welcoming place than many people assume.

6. Japan is my ultimate destination - the coolest and most amazing place on earth (not to mention one of the most beautiful). I've spent quite a bit of time there over the years and I always want to go back. It's a lifelong love affair...

7. I love history. Especially ancient history! The Medieval period's pretty interesting too. And then there's anthropology, folk traditions, myths and legends... I find it all fascinating.

8. I try to be 'green' and live as ethically as I can. Of course it isn't always easy, and I'm frequently ashamed by the compromises I make. Sustainability, ethical choices, and fair(er) trade are areas that the fashion, beauty and style world would do well to pay more attention to. I believe we can all play a part in achieving this.

9. I'm really attracted to the idea of a tiny house - a cabin in the woods or a cottage by the sea (I love this one with its front porch!). There's something about the simplicity and rigorousness demanded by such a small space that is deeply appealing, at least in my day dreams. But where would I put my clothes...?

10. I love to read, I never watch TV (we don't own one), and I spend far too much time chasing ideas across cyberspace and checking my Ebay watch lists.

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