What I See in the Mirror

In the tradition of magazine end pages and style section fillers, I've interviewed myself (!) on 'what I see in the mirror'.

My best feature is... I don't know! I would say my hair, but recently it's starting to let me down - thinning out at the front (not unexpected, as it happened to my mother, but depressing all the same), and greying at the temples. Still, I like the wave and the way it becomes blonder in the summer.

Perhaps my brown eyes? Actually I quite like my face generally. It's an expressive face. I have a strong jaw and a bump on my nose, but I can live with that. I don't seem too prone to wrinkles, but frankly I don't look too closely. I had problem skin as a teen and well into my 20s, and I'm so very grateful that as an adult my face is fairly clear. I definitely prefer my right profile to my left ;-)

I have good teeth (although they could be whiter), except for a chipped front tooth. I was cracking pistachio nuts with my teeth. Stupid!

I like the fact that I'm reasonably tall (5ft 7in / 1m 69cm), and I like my slim wrists (although it makes bangles hard to buy - most of them slip straight off).

Generally I'm quite happy with my body from the waist up. But I tend to avoid full length mirrors* as I'd really rather ignore my short legs, big bum and flabby tummy! I can't even blame the latter on 'baby weight'. I lost all that really fast (I think it was the breastfeeding) and it's only now that my children are a bit older that I'm expanding...

I think women have a terrible destructive tendency to be too critical of their bodies, but it's a fact of life that my legs are far from my best feature. They're very short for my height (I have a long torso) and my knees are somehow not positioned right (another hereditary thing - thanks Mum!). This means that 'getting my legs out' never has been - and in all likelihood never will be - something I do. I have occasionally made an exception in winter using thick tights as camouflage.

Thea, age 18Me, age about 18
Looking at photos of when I was younger I'm amazed - I don't think I had any idea how pretty I was. Still, I'm not too unhappy with my looks now. In fact I think I look reasonably good for my age. If I could change one thing it would be to encourage my hair to grow nice and thick at the front where it's becoming wispy. If I could change a second thing it would be to have lovely long slim legs!

* Soon to change as I'm about to buy one for my Journey to Style.

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