Things I've Never Done

I don't wear make up, I've never had a facial, and I don't own a single piece of 'real' jewellery. And that's just for starters!

If you never did, you should.
These things are fun and fun is good.
Dr Seuss, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Manicures, leg waxes and facials. Bikinis, mini skirts and closets full of shoes...

These are things that you might expect the average woman to have experienced. At least I have always had the impression that they are all part of many women's lives.

Am I right?

Because if I am, then I just don't fit the mould!

I may just have turned 40, but there are numerous style-related things that I have yet to experience.

NB: I present this list in a completely neutral way. I'm in not congratulating myself on not having done these things, nor am I for a moment suggesting that you should - or shouldn't - do them!
This is simply a list of things that I have not done - yet.
It's quite likely that I will do several (or more) of them in the course of this project.

Here, then, is my list:

  • I don't own a single piece of 'real' jewellery, and I'm quite happy about that. Costume jewellery rocks (plus it's not the end of the world if/when you lose it!)
  • I have never in my entire life worn full make up, i.e. foundation and the full works. No, not even on my wedding day (we had a lovely but truly low-key wedding!). As you can read here, my make up collection is a little 'limited'. This is definitely an area that needs attention!
  • I have never, ever worn a bikini, and in all honesty I almost certainly never will. I have no wish to feel that exposed...
  • I don't own a single item of designer clothing, designer shoes or a designer bag. Unless, that is, you count a Shanghai Tang jacket that I bought ridiculously cheaply on Ebay! Years ago I did once own a beautiful pair of thrifted black Escada trousers. Gorgeous in every way, except that they were rather too small... It wasn't long before I could no longer get them up over my hips.
  • I've never had a facial.
  • I've never had a manicure or pedicure. I've painted my finger nails perhaps three times in my life - I don't like the way it feels.
  • I've never had my eyebrows shaped or threaded (although having seen what a difference this can make, it's something I'd like to try).
  • I have never had a wax or any form of professional hair removal treatment.
  • I have no skincare or hair care regime.
  • And needless to say I have never had any type of cosmetic 'procedure' whatsoever!

Added to this, there are also a number of things that I do so rarely that I feel I should mention them too:

  • Wear high heels. I do own a couple of pairs of high(ish) heels, but I almost never wear them. Perhaps twice a year?
  • Wear skirts. The vast majority of my friends and acquaintances have never seen me in a skirt!
  • Wear dresses. I don't own a single dress.
    I do remember wearing dresses as a little girl of course, and in my 20s I bought - and occasionally wore to work - a couple of rather nondescript ones. But since then, dresses have fallen out of my life.
  • And finally, until very recently I almost never went to a hairdresser, and had never (except for an adventure with pink dye in my teens) coloured my hair. This has changed, however, as I have started - through necessity - having my roots coloured.

So, how about you?

How many of these things have you done (or do regularly)?

Are there other fashion and style experiences that you have yet to do? Or that you would never do?

Do share your experiences with me in the comments below!

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