Hi, I'm Thea

Thanks so much for dropping in on my Journey to Style!

I live in London, UK, with my husband and my two wonderful, exasperating kids. I love travel, history, buildings and architecture, hiking and the outdoors, red wine, storytelling and performance of all kinds.

I also love clothes and have done ever since I was a little girl.

From street style to haute couture and everything in between, the whole spectrum of human como tramitar tarjeta de credito adornment fascinates me with its creativity and beauty, attitude and psychology. I pour over books, websites and blogs, and devour fashion magazines from cover to cover, examining every look and every advert. For me, clothing represents a glorious colourful world of glamour and magic!

And it's not just clothes that I love, but everything about clothes - the fabrics, textures and trimmings, clothing and costume of all periods and places, and accessories too. From clothes catalogues to costume museums, Ebay listings to Vogue magazine, pretty much anything to do with clothes makes me happy.

Nevertheless, none of this helps me when it comes to getting dressed in the morning!

Much as I love clothes and spend time thinking about them, I've never found a way to really enjoy them myself... As you can read here, my wardrobe is a random mess, getting dressed for any kind of event or occasion is painful, and when it comes to looking good I'm at a loss.

Hence... my Journey to Style project!

You can read about my aims here, but basically:
  • I want to make clothes work for me
  • I want to make getting dressed fun
  • I want to be happy with how I look

Find out where I am right now on my Journey to Style, and follow my progress on my blog.

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If you'd like to chat you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.
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